• Why join the course?

    Discover how to adapt to changing contexts and lead teams to achieve an organisations purpose and deliver on the organisation's strategy. Develop the skills to be an effective leader and advance your executive career.

  • Who is the course for?

    This course is designed for managers and executives in organisations. The focus is on leading teams of teams and communicating direction and purpose.

  • 100% Online. Start Anytime!

    Study when you want, where you want, to get the most from your learning. This online course is delivered in 9 videos (5 hours total). With 24/7 unlimited access, you can watch the videos as many times as you need. This online short course is non-accredited and there is no assessment. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have viewed all content.

What you will learn?

By the end of the course, you will understand:

  • The multiple perspectives of leadership
  • The skills required to be an effective leader
  • Understanding power and influence
  • Emotional Intelligence and leadership
  • Communicating purpose and organisational strategy
  • Diversity, gender and culture in leadership
  • Ethics and ethical leadership


  • Dr Guy Forsyth


    Dr Guy Forsyth

    Dr Forsyth provides commercial, legal and project management advice and training to public and private sector clients. With experience across over thirty different organisations, Dr Forsyth is able bring a range of skill sets such as contract management, Intellectual property advice and guidance, strategic planning, procurement and tender preparation evaluation, service level agreement formation, performance review, probity advice, project and program governance, IT outsourcing and stewardship, benchmarking and market testing, bid management, commercial evaluation, and risk analysis/ management. He also lectures and tutors at University and works with the Department of Defence as a leadership and ethics trainer, advisor and mentor. Dr Forsyth completed his Doctorate in management at the University of NSW (Canberra) where he specialised in leadership. His areas of study include strategic management, managing technological innovation and leadership. Prior to this he completed a Masters of Corporate Law and delivered a major thesis on Intellectual property. This work extensively researched the application of IP in the ICT industry. Dr Forsyth has maintained close connections with the Australian Institute for Commercialisation and the Office of ICT Commercialisation. He is currently a member of the Licensing Executive Society of Australia and New Zealand and has participated in numerous seminars on the methodology for IP commercialisation. He also holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of NSW with a double major in accounting, finance and system and he has been a member of the Australian Institute of Project managers since 1994. He has been a Member of the Australian Computer Society, Australian Society of Accountants, Institute of Management, and Society for Computers and the Law.

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