• Why join the course?

    Negotiation is an essential skill in today’s dynamic workplace. Whether you negotiate with suppliers, clients or colleagues, the right skills can give you an advantage during any negotiation and help you get the best deal. Advance your negotiation skills and boost your confidence with our 100% online course. You’ll learn to plan and implement a strategy for success in even the toughest negotiations. Find out how to identify and counter negotiation tactics, while avoiding common negotiation mistakes. Discover how to manage negotiations to achieve your goals, and ultimately close the deal.

  • Who is the course for?

    This online course is perfect for procurement officers, contract managers, project managers and team leaders who are involved in negotiation on a regular basis. It is suitable for people working in the private and public sectors. Whatever your career experience, this course will help you upgrade your negotiation skills for success.

  • 100% online + 24/7 unlimited access

    Study when you want, where you want, to get the most from your learning. This 100% online course is delivered in 8 videos (4 hours total). With 24/7 unlimited access, you can watch the videos as many times as you need. This short course is non-accredited and there is no assessment. You will receive a certificate of completion once you have viewed all content.

What will you achieve?

By the end of the course, you’ll be better able to:

  • Use negotiation to get the best outcome for all parties involved
  • Understand the different types of negotiations that you’re involved in every day
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the negotiation process and why planning is critical 
  • Appreciate the need for ethical negotiation in order to maintain trust
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the key principles you must apply in every negotiation
  • Plan for a tough negotiation 
  • Recognise different negotiation tactics, and how to use and counter them
  • Use skills to wrap up the negotiation and document the agreement

Learn how to negotiate with a purpose and increase the profitability of your deals.

Take your negotiation skills to new heights with this 100% online short course.
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Course curriculum

Learn from expert practitioners

  • Michael Young

    Sustainability Facilitator

    Michael Young

    Michael is a multiple-award winning entrepreneur, international speaker and author. With qualifications in resource and environmental management, business and project management, Michael was instrumental in developing industry leading resources for thermal performance assessors for the Department of Climate Change. His career started by developing Australia's first biomass map and then with a move into project management, Michael worked extensively around the world developing standards to improve the practice of project managers.Michael has won Australian Business Awards in project management, innovation and sustainability. Michael’s work has been featured in BRW, the Australian Financial Review and Smart Company.Michael has edited two books and authored over 50 book chapters, academic and industry articles as well as dozens of blog posts on project, program and portfolio. He also regularly teaches at Universities in Australia and is a sought after speaker delivering keynote addresses both nationally and international. He was recently invited to the United Nations Headquarters to speak with business leaders around the world on improving sustainability in project managementHe is currently working with an international consortium to fund and deliver development projects in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Croatia and the Solomon Islands.

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What you get: Unlimited access to 8 videos - 100% online learning. Start anytime, study your way

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