• Want to save money and make your home more comfortable?

Create a comfortable and energy efficient home.

The Sustainable Building Training program helps building designers, architects and home owners create homes that are energy efficient, cool in summer and warm in winter.

This course uncovers the secrets to reducing the need for costly air-conditioning and heating to make homes comfortable all year round.

This course specifically covers:

  • How hot air and cold air moves through a building
  • How selecting the right building materials saves you money and helps keep you cool
  • How low cost approaches at the design phase can save tens of thousands of dollars over the life of the building

Who should undertake this course?

This course is designed for building designers and architects who want to understand the key to designing sustainable homes.  It's also designed for home owners interested in making their house more comfortable and reducing annual heating and cooling costs.

ABSA, BDAV and RAIA members receive CPD points for completion of this course.

Enrol now to save money and create more comfortable homes.

Course curriculum


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